Brendon Gill PhD MSc(hons) GradDipT FAOACI

Current methods for the analysis of selected novel nutrients in infant formulas and adult nutritionals.

Brendon D. Gill, Harvey E. Indyk, David C. Woollard

Infant formula is designed to provide the human infant with a sole source of nutrition and it is intended to imitate breast milk. In recent years, advances in the science of infant nutrition have led to an increasing number of novel ingredients that are supplemented into infant formula. As the list of these nutritionally important nutrients is lengthy, this review summarizes contemporary analytical methods that have been applied to a representative selection (lutein, carnitine, choline, nucleotides, inositol, taurine, sialic acid, gangliosides, triacylglycerides, oligosaccharides, α-lactalbumin, and lactoferrin).

Gill et al. (2016) Int. Dairy J., 56, 33–37.Journal Link
Gill et al. (2016) J. AOAC Int., 99, 30–41.Article PDF
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Journal: Journal of AOAC International
Publisher: AOAC International

Gill, B.D., Indyk, H.E., & Woollard, D.C. (2016) J. AOAC Int. 99, 30‑41
doi: 10.5740/jaoacint.15-0247

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