Brendon Gill PhD MSc(hons) GradDipT FAOACI

The free and total myo‑inositol contents of early lactation and seasonal bovine milk.

Harvey E. Indyk, Sheila C. Saldo, Peter M. White, Mumtaz N. Dole, Brendon D. Gill, David C. Woollard

A high performance anion-exchange chromatographic method employing pulsed amperometric detection was applied to the determination of endogenous free and total myo-inositol in bovine milk, for which there is limited information. The contents and trend variability of myo-inositol in milk from extensively pasture-fed cows during early lactation and across a production season were therefore evaluated. Free and total myo-inositol in seasonal milk were within the ranges of 2.3–4.5 mg hg-1 and 5.3–8.7 mg hg-1, respectively. This novel information will both improve understanding of the expression of innate myo-inositol in bovine milk, and provide manufacturers with information that can enhance formulation capability related to the production of cow's milk-based products.

Indyk et al. (2016) Int. Dairy J., 56, 33–37.Journal Link
Indyk et al. (2016) Int. Dairy J., 56, 33–37.Article PDF
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Journal: Journal of AOAC International
Publisher: AOAC International

Indyk, H.E., Saldo, S., White, P., Dole, M., Gill, B.D., & Woollard, D.C. (2016) Int. Dairy J. 56, 33‑78
doi: 10.1016/j.idairyj.2016.01.002

Poster presented at the 4th Vitamins Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark; May 2016 (lead author Harvey Indyk presented).

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